Enjoy the rail trail! Please be safe and remember basic rail trail etiquette, from rails-to-trails conservancy.

Use safe speeds.

Keep right, pass left.

Standing still? Move to the side of or off the trail.

Mind your pets!  Keep your pets secure and be prepared to manage their energy!

Be alert.

Also remember only class 1 E-Bikes are permitted on the trail.  A rule of thumb you may want to consider is “if it has a throttle it is not permitted on the trail.” 




The Pere Marquette RailTrail is 30 miles of paved, flat, scenic trail between Midland and Clare, Michigan. It is recognized as one of twenty-five Rails to Trails Conservancy Hall of Fame trails in the US.

Pere Marquette Rail Trail
Pere Marquette Rail Trail
Pere Marquette Rail Trail
Pere Marquette Rail Trail
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Links to connecting Trails:

Pere Marquette State Trail – southern segment

From Clare to Reed City, MI: visit the Friends of Clare County Parks & Recreation website

Pere Marquette State Trail – northern segment

From Reed City to Baldwin, MI: visit the Facebook page of the Rail to Trails, Lake County website

Chippewa Trail

From the Chippewa Nature Center to the Tridge 3.5 miles – map

Support your Trail by purchasing a membership to the Friends of the Pere Marquette Rail Trail!